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We Offer a Variety of Blockchain Services

We Are Serious About Blockchain Data

We've invested heavily into the deployment of our services with the aim of maximum decentralization while still maintaining reliability and a high quality of service. That means owned hardware, colocated in a data center with high speed, low latency uplinks, and redundancy at every level, all in an effort to provide the highest quality and most consistently reliabile indexing service possible for a whole host of blockchain networks.


We Are Serious About Decentralization

We are serious about decentralization. Yes, we said it twice. That is why we only offer decentralized non-custodial staking solutions, and that is why we invested in owned and colocated hardware. By staking with us, not only are you keeping control over your assets, but you are helping to further decentralize blockchains away from AWS and other centralized compute providers.


We Are Experts in Subgraph Development

Subgraphs are needed to tell indexers what data to index and how to index it. In addition to indexing them, we also build subgraphs, including for RocketPool, Silo, and more. Get in touch if you are in need of subgraph development services!


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